Date:  October 16, 2019  

<font size="3" color="#ff0000"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b></center></font><br> <font size= "3" color="#ff0000"><center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Attention All Providers: We have weekly maintenance on the registry (IWeb and PHCHUB) each Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. Please try to plan data submissions to avoid this time. <font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center>

<font size="3" color="#2a5191"><center><b><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="6"><font size "2" color="orange">ATTENTION!! -------Please Read-------ATTENTION!! </font>------- WVSIIS will be implementing a single sign on this year , there are still many users with no Email address. Please read the document in document center, under the heading "SSO update to IIS", titled "Update Email address". This document will show you where to add an email address. If you don't have an email address, then please add one. Without an email address you will be locked out of your account and won't be able to get back in until there is an email address attached to your account. This will also allow you to update your own password once we go live with single sign on. </marquee></center></b>

<font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b><br>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b></center><br> The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) 2019-20 influenza vaccination recommendations can be found at <a href=>CDC</a> <br> <center>EXCERPT: Primary Changes and Updates in the Recommendations:<center><br> • Routine annual influenza vaccination of all persons aged =6 months who do not have contraindications continues to be recommended. No preferential recommendation is made for one influenza vaccine product over another for persons for whom more than one licensed, recommended, and appropriate product is available. <br>Updated information in this report includes the following: <br> • In January 2019, FDA approved a change in dose volume for Fluzone Quadrivalent (IIV4). Previously, the dose volume for children aged 6 through 35 months was 0.25 mL (containing 7.5 µg of HA per vaccine virus). Children aged 6 through 35 months who receive Fluzone Quadrivalent may now receive either 0.25 mL (containing 7.5 µg of HA per vaccine virus) or 0.5 mL (containing 15 µg of HA per vaccine virus) per dose. Children aged =36 months (=3 years) and adults should receive 0.5 mL per dose.
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