Date:  July 16, 2018  

<p><font size="5" color="#0000FF"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS </b> <br> <a href="">Vaccine Storage and Handling Video</a> <![endif]--> </font> <![endif]-->

<p><font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b></center>ATTENTION ALL VFC PROVIDERS:</b></center></font><br><font size= "3" color="#0000FF"><center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Some of the digital data loggers supplied by the West Virginia VFC program have a programing flaw causing the battery to prematurely indicate low battery life. The vendor, Delta Trak, is aware of this flaw and can correct the mistake. If you are having this problem, please contact Delta Trak for replacement data loggers and/or a fix to your units. Delta Trak’s contact information is: Tech support – 1-800-962-6776, ext 5120, 925-249-2250 Email: <BR> <BR>

<p><font size="3" color="#0000FF"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS</b</center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY>If you are sending immunizations to us by your electronic system, PLEASE make sure there is someone responsible for checking your submissions. Otherwise, there may be messages that have errors and the immunizations will not come over to the immunization registry and not go on to the patients records. It is very critical that you make sure that the files are checked. Thank you. <![endif]-->

<p><font size="3" color="#ff0000"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL PROVIDERS:</b></center></font><br> <font size= "3" color="#ff0000"><center><DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY> Attention All Providers: We are going to do weekly maintenance on the registry (IWeb and PHCHUB) each Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. Please try to plan data submissions to avoid this time. <font size="4"color="#FF0000><center></b></font size="3"color=#2E2EFE"><center>

<font size="4" color="#006622"><center><b>ATTENTION ALL VFC PROVIDERS:</b><center><br> Data logger implementation videos. The Videos show how to set up and use the data logger. Please contact Delta Track at 1-800-962-6776, extension 5120 for any questions about the data logging equipment. <br> <a href=''> Setup Data Logger. <br> <a href=''> Operating your data logger </font>
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